Transformation of Indian Patent Office……In Autobots way

Transformation of Indian Patent Office……In Autobots way

Indian patent office has come long way in terms of technological advances and still has to trade much distance when compared to its counterparts. But it’s never too late to do the right things. Below is the summary of recent developments in terms of functioning of IPO website.

1.      Launch of IPAIRS 2.0 version of website with faster browsing and many more search capabilities (24 Apr. 2012)

2.      Online availability of list of Patent Applications related to Traditional Knowledge  (25, July, 2012)

3.      Launch of online public view of GI documents (14 February, 2013)

4.      Availability of a dynamic utility to view “The Month of Request for Examination for which First Examination Report is being issued” for each examination group of all jurisdiction of Patent Office (17 June, 2013)

5.      Publication of information received from Patentees regarding working of Patented inventions-Form 27 (24 June, 2013)

6.      Reply to the Examination Reports by using the ‘Comprehensive e-filing services for Patents’, which will result in internal automation and speedy disposal of Applications  (07 July, 2013)

7.      The utility displaying the pending and grant status of Patent applications (19 August, 2013) 

8.      In yet another effort to increase transparency CGPDTM launches a further dynamic utility to view issued First Examination Reports at a glance  (26 August, 2013) 

On could see the vast changes and think the speed with which IPO has transformed itself. But the efforts put by most of IP professional are main driving force behind this. These changes started mainly from the era of one man ie. Mr. Kurian. He literally took the challenge and decided to make over the IPO.

Recently DIPP proposes an increase of fee up to 100% in several categories, with a lower fee for those preferring to take the e-filing route. This suggests many more changes to come in future as patent office decided to go online for literally all the activities. Already patent office grapples with severe manpower crunch, office space and lots of troubles. It would be good change if IPO spends some part of surplus revenue in reforms to increase transparency and shareholders confidence. Hope for the best….
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